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I wish to receive a personalized study, first advices and an estimate for the education of my dog because:

 My dog barks too often

 How to sanction(punish) my dog

 My dog fires in leash   My dog jumps on people
 My dog jumps me above   My dog saves from my property
 My dog does not return to the reminder   My dog does not obey
 My dog is aggressive with its circle of acquaintances   My dog is aggressive with his(her) congeners
 My dog destroys(annuls) my business(cases)   My dog destroys(annuls) the garden
 My dog destroys(annuls) the sofa, the tissues.   My dog destroys(annuls) everything
 My dog nibbles hands, clothes   My dog nibbles its leash
 My dog does not want to rise in car   My dog is not appropriate(clean) at night
 The codes of communication   My dog is not appropriate(clean) the day
 My dog runs away of my property   My dog does not want to sleep only


Further to your registration you will receive a questionnaire to turn(return) me tuck by mail or email.

I would make for you then your study personalized with the first advices and the estimate on the various formulae of possible training.

Without commitment of contract and later purchase

You will receive at the same time a first lesson SELFDRESSAGE ®  Of demonstration



By email

To copy and stick in the mail(courier) ENAMEL:

Demand of personalized study, advices and estimate training


At the 12 € price




By mail

  Check of 12€in the order of D.S.D.E sarl and two stamps


To send at the address this below:

D.S.D.E sarl

Allo!... Training Service
63 Boulevard of Havre